Cookies: Shock and Awe

It was two days after Christmas, a Thursday night, the last Thursday of the month, Holy Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church of Elkin’s Park’s night to cook the meal. They outdid themselves with loads of food for the guys to eat then, and more to take with them for the next day. It has been our practice to give away homemade Christmas cookies at Christmas time as a touch of home. I had put out the word for people to bake extra cookies for us to give away.

Man! Did you come through!

We had hundreds and hundreds of home baked cookies and a couple of pies for good measure! We just told everyone to take as many as they wanted. Just when I thought I could see the bottom of the bag, Jerry and Nick Burke showed up with more cookies! The people were amazed. And let me tell you, they could taste the love! I saw more than one street hardened, old cuss tear up for joy at such a demonstration of love and care.

Thank you all! May God bless you for helping spread the joy of Christ’s birth as a homeless wanderer among those for whom home is a distant memory and a dim hope.