The 3rd Annual Hummus Open

Nearly $500 raised for The King's Jubilee. Thanks guys!
Nearly $500 raised for The King’s Jubilee. Thanks guys!

The third annual Hummus Open to benefit The King’s Jubilee was held at the Mainland Golf Club in Mainland, PA on November 23. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy there was doubt as to whether or not the event would take place. Though circumstances related to the “super storm” affected turnout for the tournament, it did not diminish the enthusiasm of the six participating golfers. Weather conditions and a few fallen trees on the course were worrisome, but it turned out to be a beautiful day and the Mainland staff did yeoman-like work getting the course in excellent condition for the players.

The famous Beige Jacket for the Hummus Open Champion.
The tub of hummus.

Peter Psomiadis, the winner of the inaugural event in 2010, recaptured the title as he won the event going away by five strokes on the strength of his short game and iron play. Jerome Burke, who drove the ball well all day, but fell apart on the short game and putting, was runner up. Ernesto Bentencort took honors for the “closest to the pin” award hitting a fantastic 9 iron shot ten feet from the pin on the difficult 9th hole. For his effort, he was awarded a bottle of Ouzu. The “longest drive award” was hotly contested between Jerome and Jim Eggers. Replay officials decided to call it a draw and let the two competitors share the tub of Hannah’s Hummus from Costco. One official at Mainland later commented, “if it was Karen Burke’s homemade hummus at stake, there would have had to have been a playoff.”

The coveted Garbanzo! The most unusual trophy in all of sport!

After playing, the golfers gathered at the Burkes’ for fellowship, food, and a couple of shots of Ouzo. They were joined by Cranford Coulter, founder and CEO of The King’s Jubilee, who presented the awards. Cranford unveiled the newly designed and highly coveted Hummus Open trophy. He had commissioned his friend and highly skilled artisan John Haggerty for the task, and John did not disappoint. Perhaps the most unique trophy in all of sports, the Hummus Open Trophy, has a giant garbanzo bean as its center piece, along with the names of previous winners inscribed on the bean. “I will cherish the opportunity to hold this over the next year ,” said Psomiaids on receiving the trophy. A new custom was also started by Cranford this year with the awarding of the “Beige Jacket“ to match the color hummus . This is sure to help the Hummus Open become a tradition like none other. Purchased at the local Care and Share, it is a ‘one size fits all’ jacket which will be stored for safe keeping in a cedar closet until next fall.

Nearly five hundred dollars was raised for The King’s Jubilee this year and plans are being made to expand and better publicize the tournament next year. “I don’t know what I was thinking when I scheduled the Hummus Open for November – how dopey was that ?“ commented Burke at the awards ceremony. The date of the event will most likely be changed to late September or early October next year.