Cash Flash Mob Results


As the day progressed, we colored in with more little colorful heads of Kudzu the spokesmodel dog to represent each donation. Well, donations started Thursday evening and kept coming in all day Friday and into Saturday. I spoke at Kevin Paige’s music students recital, not expecting an offering. They put out a basket during the reception afterward and we received $115 there. So the event took in over $800 worth of donations. I need to say that a couple of the donations were in person in the form of vegetables and meat.

I finished the graphic including my cat Skittles. He may not be as photogenic as Kudzu, but I bet he is every bit as much a dog.

These donations help us keep going. We were down past our last dime. This will keep our cell phones on to keep us coordinated on the street. It will put good, healthy veggies in our meals. It will pay for gas and insurance for the TKJ-mobile so we can keep serving. It will buy cups and spoons and soap and napkins. Thank you. May God bless you all!

When we all do a little, we can do a lot!