Lenten Almsgiving Flash Mob


Take a minute to wrap your head around this concept.

By now, we have all seen those YouTube videos of people breaking into song or dance in public spaces. They appear, seemingly out of nowhere, and bring some beauty and life into an otherwise monotonous commute in a train station or some such place. It has been done with orchestras, and boys’ choirs, and choirs, and ballet, and madrigals, etc.

Well, our friend, Charli Riggle, got the idea to put together almsgiving cash flash mobs. She and her husband Alex, like many of us these days, don’t have much to give. And many of us don’t necessarily have the talent to join in one of these beautiful flash mobs. And we have made friends in far flung places, so a physical flash mob is not feasible at any rate. So she came up with the idea and put a Facebook group together for almsgiving flash mobs. Together we can make a larger impact and really move some ministries along. Instead of just one drop, it’s many drops that fill a bucket.

So each Friday during the extended Lenten period, covering both western and eastern traditions, a different charity is chosen and each person in the group is encouraged to make a small donation to that charity. A different ministry in each region every week. The King’s Jubilee has been chosen for next Friday’s event. We will have a graphic that will get colored in and grow as more people participate. It is an exciting idea. We are honored to have been chosen. God bless you all.

Here is the link to the event: FRIDAY FLASH CASH II: The King’s Jubilee

Feel free to join in!