A couple of weeks ago I was told by John Haggerty that I was member of COGs. Having been ordained several times without my consent, I am not easily disturbed by such an announcement. I asked what COGs stands for. He told me, “Consortium of Old Guys.” It’s basically the guys that hang out at his shop, who invent things, solve problems and make stuff. They work hard even if they are not getting paid. They are always learning and always teaching. They have each been beaten up by life lately, but refuse to accept the role of victims.They hope that they can develop some products that can sell and make some money. Before a single item has sold, they have agreed to dedicate a portion of their profits to The King’s Jubilee to “pay it forward” to help others.

Zebra wood liftgate handle
Zebra wood liftgate handle

These guys are truly experts. I walk into their conversations and, in most cases, I find that if I try to understand, I will only feel more stupid. So I ask stupid questions and play the part of the jester. One is a metal worker, one is a woodworker, one is a machinist, one is an engineer, woodworker, electrician, renaissance man, one is a computer geek / designer / facilitator. I am a shameless agitator. I felt like I still belonged, because I was willing to try anything and I haunt the shop and I am the oldest member of the group. Then they changed the name to Consortium of Odd Geeks to allow for a 20 year old with skills to join. I wasn’t sure I was qualified anymore. John assured me that since I made the zebra wood liftgate handle, that I was qualified.

The COGs also dovetails with our homelessness prevention ministry by helping to provide skills training, work readiness training and mentoring to men at risk.

TKJ-mobile Makeover

DSC01660 DSC01661 DSC01662 DSC01664Since the address for this blog changed, the TKJ-mobile needed to be updated to reflect that. Also, the liftgate handle had broken off. This is a common problem with Scion xB’s. It happened to both of ours, and we have seen a number in the area held on by duct tape. The car outlasts the plastic. So, I grabbed the handiest scrap that was the right size. It happened to be zebra wood. And made and installed a new liftgate handle. It holds the license plate lights and the gate latch release switch. I think it’s kind of cool. Now I have to make one for Bethann’s car.

I placed the bird graphic with the QR code to the corresponding article next to it, on the rear of the car. There are three crown logos. Two are huge. They are cut out and on the front doors. The third is on the liftgate. The fender QR codes were replaced with the new site as was the front banner.

I was told that the fact that I designed and made and installed this handle myself qualifies me as a member of COGs. You have no idea how this makes me feel. I will explain more about COGs later.

It’s Time to Step Up!

Tomorrow a faithful member of The King’s Jubilee team, Luann Motel, will be funeralized and buried at St. Philip Antiochian Orthodox Church. She has been making sandwiches for us for many years, whenever she was able. She has had a long, hard struggle with ill health. Just last Thursday, Esther McGraw told me there would probably be no more sandwiches from Luann, please pray. She passed away on Friday. As each generation passes, we need to raise up  workers to step in to fill their shoes, if we are going to keep moving forward. I always tell people to make the sandwiches like you would like to eat them, only we can’t use mayonaisse. Put them into sandwich baggies and stack them back into the laof bags and write on the loaf bags what is in them. People have a right to know what they are eating.

Luann followed instructions pretty well, except I don’t recall her ever writing the words “love” and “prayers” on the bags. It was evident they were included. We will miss her. The men will miss her and will pray for her. May her memory be eternal!

Immediate Opportunity for Service

This is an intense week. We are in the middle of helping one man move out of an apartment and into shared housing to avoid living on the street. We helped with the Communaute Positive banquet, for last night. We are trying to gather household goods and supplies for another man who just moved off of the street into permanent housing.
This afternoon the moving party continues for boxes and small items , unless someone comes forward with a truck. We finish with the furniture tomorrow morning, when we get the pick-up back.
Tomorrow evening, we hope to deliver an Operation Clean Start kit, cupboard starter kit, vacuum cleaner, dishes, cooking utensils and pots and pans, to Darren, that is, if we can scare these things up or afford to buy them.
We have about $40 in the account.

Motherly Advice

leila1The beautiful Pascha card to the left was made by Leila Chocheli, mother of Niko Chocheli. When Niko gave me a laminated copy of it, he told me that his mother  taught him an important lesson as a child. She would often say, “What you keep is lost. Only what you give away is yours.” He said he did not understand this until well into adulthood, but now it makes perfect sense.

We are finally moved in.

Notice that our domain name is now For a while now, you have been able to get here by using this address. Now it is the main address. will still get you here by referral. This change will make things simpler. Our name is the same as our website. While we were making this change, we discovered that the site had been hacked. A friendly tech at Bluehost fixed the damage done by the hack and we added some precautions against being hacked again.

So update your bookmark and spread the word.