Serving the Homeless – an Acrostic by Jack Karpinski & Hilary Coulter

Serving the Homeless is not a crime.
Endeavoring to own more than a dime
Rescue me from eating a sour lime
Vexed by mayors greed and grime
Imprisoning our souls forever in the city’s pine
Nothing in this world is mine
Gracefully accepting time.

Thank you for choosing to understand
Humbly I accept offerings in my hand
Even I deserve pride in this land

Home is more often than not a grate or a box.
Often the powers say the feeding must stop.
My God says take care of the least of these.
Everyone deserves to not be on their knees.
Let those who can reach out and help me stand.
Even the richest can become the homeless brand.
Service, big or small, is really serving yourself.
Squashing homelessness is the only real wealth.