Rent Party and Virtual Rent Party

FugolBack in April, I announced new areas of ministry of “rent parties, virtual rent parties, entrepreneurial training, computer training, shop skills training, Orthodox Worker & Catholic Worker & Mennonite Worker development for Christian hospitality.” I am happy to report we have moved forward on entrepreneurial training, computer training and shop skills training. We just hosted a gentleman in our house for a couple of days removing the virus known as Windows 8 from his laptop so that we could install Ubuntu operating system, so that he could have a better functioning computer, so he can pursue his writing and educational interests. Cogsville is developing a disciplined approach to guide the men there according to their gifts to find appropriate career or trade paths, by setting goals and giving encouragement to succeed, and training in multiple disciplines.

I felt the need to close “Come and See” Icons, Books & Art so the Fugol is not for sale there to support these ministries. Prints are available on Zazzle, on the Merchandise page. I will make hand-crafted, framed prints available here, soon, as well.

We are starting the Virtual Rent Party. We will be hosting a live rent party as well. The Virtual Rent Party will go on continuously. We will keep on adding new goals as goals are met. One of the ideas behind this is that not everyone who has a need can host a party. Another is that we want to go regional and national with this. We also don’t think it should matter whose party you are giving to. If you give to a friend, it is not tax-deductible. If you don’t know who you are giving to, but they need it, it is. We are hoping people will throw real parties in different parts of the country in support of the Virtual Rent Party. As goals are met, new projects will be added and the progress will be reported on the Rent Party page. If you are organizing a rent party in your area you can let us know and we can help you promote it here and on Facebook. Some may wish to do a combination live and virtual rent party in their area, to help a neighbor, with the excess raised going to the Virtual Rent Party to help someone in another town.

We have projects for the first couple of months. We will be accepting suggestions and applications as the needs are met. We hope this turns into a huge movement. As we sit here alone, it all seems so helpless. If we work together, we can accomplish much! To accomplish this, we will need to tell our friends and ask them to tell their friends, and  so on. This will need to go viral.

We are also having a live Rent Party at our house on Friday, Sept. 13, from 6pm to 10pm. $10 cover, includes dinner, beer or wine extra donation. We need to raise two months mortgage payments and COBRA payments. We would like to make a dent into the virtual rent party as well. Our last rent party, in March, was a roaring success. Everyone had a great time. We raised enough to catch up on our mortgage and to help another family catch up on theirs and to help rescue a man from homelessness. We need to maintain our home base if we are going to be able to continue to keep helping the homeless and poor. Please join us. It will be a blast!

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