Monthly Donations are Easier Now

The King’s Jubilee is an independently incorporated religious charitable organization in the state of Pennsylvania. We rely on donations from individuals and various churches to support the work which we do. With the state of the economy, and the situation in the City of Philadelphia, that work has increased. We currently are serving over 200 people on Thursday evenings. We are actually providing them the equivalent of two meals each: a hot meal to consume then, and a bag lunch for the next day.

We also help people when they move off of the street. We supply them with a full complement of cleaning supplies. We also find furniture, dishes, bedding,etc., to help them set up household so they can make a go of it. We stay in contact with those that wish to, to help them acclimate to their new surroundings. It can be a big adjustment. We also help some with their rent from time to time. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

As I have been typing this, the sheriff came to my door and served me with our foreclosure papers. We may soon join the ranks of the homeless and this ministry will end. We have been living from crisis to crisis with my illnesses until my business was no longer viable. Trying to do the business and the ministry was just too much. Then infections and hospitalizations and 30 t0 50 little strokes. Bethann lost her job, etc. We have had to pay $1100/month to make sure we had insurance. What we needed was full time support from lots of monthly donors. What we need now is a rescue, then full time support from lots of monthly donors.

The Donate button has been upgraded by Paypal to accept automatic monthly donations. You may go back to the home page or to the bottom of this post. Click on the yellow Donate button and make a large one time rescue donation, please! Then come back to the page; click on it again and make a reasonable monthly donation.

Thank you. May God bless you as you bless the poor in Jesus’ Name.