Pink Geraniums

pinkgeraniumsI call this piece “Pink Geraniums”. It looks as if they were painted into the picture. This is an unretouched photo taken of Campion Roses next to our house. When I took the photo in 2007, I had no clue what most any flowers were called. I just called everything geraniums. I figured sooner or later I would be right. These were the hot pink, five petal geraniums with the pale green, fuzzy leaves and stems. The blooms are so hot that they look like special effects on the photograph. We didn’t plant these bright stars. They pop up every year in roughly the same places, and a few new ones. My approach to gardening is a pro-life one. I let things grow to see if they are interesting or beautiful, and try to make room. I think that is how we should treat people as well.

People are always interesting and beautiful, for they are created in the image of God. Each one is wondrous and unique, even when they pop up when and where we think they don’t belong.

This is available as a Giclee print. The image itself is 16″ x 13.83″. It will be matted in dark brown and framed in hand-crafted, native poplar, to complement the soft green hues of the stems, with low glare glass. Overall dimensions: 22″ x 20″

These will be signed and numbered. There will only be five. We are offering these for a suggested minimum donation of $650 to The King’s Jubilee.

We really need support right now. We are down to our last and on the verge of having to close down for good. I am working on selling limited edition art and finishing my books. The need is urgent. We serve over 200 people every week and are helping several transition off of the street. At the same time, we may be facing eviction ourselves, and that would mean a disruption to our ministry. Please pray and see what you can do.

May God bless you as you bless the poor and homeless in Jesus’ Name.