“Cycle of Life”


This is another in our “Lily Gilding” series. It is a photograph that I filtered with some effects, of a daylily next to our driveway. Daylilies are amazing and demonstrate God’s care for us. Each blossom is here for only one day and is gone. In this photo, we see two of today’s blooms, three of yesterday’s blooms, two of tomorrow’s blooms (on the right, showing a bit of color), several blooms for later in the week, and a couple of empty stems from earlier in the week.
“Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these!”

This is for sale in limited edition 10″ x 8″ frameable prints for donations of $50 plus postage. The edition is limited to 50 prints. Each print will be numbered and signed.

The artwork will be made available at a later date on selected merchandise from our Zazzle store.