“Dancing Stars”


This photo of stargazer lilies blooming by the driveway at the home of The King’s Jubilee looks like a watercolor painting. It’s called “Dancing Stars” as they appeared to dance and play in the breeze. Lilies remind us of God’s provision for us each day. This allows us to be generous and not to hoard, knowing that God will have enough for us tomorrow, as well. For look how much lavish beauty He bestows upon the lilies which are just going to wilt in a day.

This is available on a number of items in our Zazzle store. We have 10″ x 8″ limited edition, framable prints available here for a suggested minimum donation of $50 plus postage. It will also be available printed on 24″ x 16″ white, translucent glass, to be hung in front of a window or other light source. This is a one of a kind piece for $600.