This is what my granddaughters call a “make-a-wish.” It is a giant salsify puff that blossomed outside of our front door. We have mostly native flowers in our front yard. These showed up. We let them grow to see what they were. We have a pro-life garden. We let things grow to see what they are and see if there might be a home for them. These had very tiny, scruffy yellow blooms on three foot tall, fuzzy stalks. They were going to have to do better than that to earn a permanent home here. Then the seed puff exploded out. That puff was about seven inches diameter. It took quite a bit of effort for the girls to huff and puff to make their wishes with these. Great fun!

It’s like some people I have known. The first impression is not that strong, but then they surprise you with just amazing talent or amazing empathy or compassion. Everyone has something about them that God loves.

It turns out these are European imports. They were cultivated in the gardens at Williamsburg, VA, for their medicinal properties and because the thick part of the root tastes like oysters when cooked. Their other name is Oyster Plant.

Now I did some special effects on the photo on the turquoise side. The magenta is the inverse of it. It is available as a dramatic, limited edition, museum quality, giclee print, 24″ x 24″ on canvas. These will be signed and numbered. There will only be ten made. Suggested minimum donation is $300.

May God bless this “make-a-wish” and those who respond to it to bless this ministry to the poor and homeless in Jesus’ Name.