Parfait Mirror

parfaitThis is from our Lily Gilding collection. Some daylilies contain parfait in their name: “Peach Parfait”, “Strawberry Parfait”, “Rainbow Parfait”, etc. That inspired this. I took a photo of a non-parfait daylily, made a copy and solarized it to get that elusive blue daylily and drew a parfait glass.
Just a little touch of summer whimsy on a blustery, cold day.

This will be printed, centered on a mirror, then framed in rich cherry wood with gilded accents. The overall dimensions will be 14″ x 24″. It will look just splendiferous next to your soda fountain!

I am not sure of the cost just yet. Make the donation high enough and it won’t be an issue. The image looks good hung vertically or sideways. The artwork will also be available shortly on items from our Zazzle store.

Thank you for your support.