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St. Nicholas
Saint Nicholas icon by the hand of Cheryl Ann Pituch

It has been our practice to celebrate St. Nicholas Day by giving each of our patrons 3 one dollar coins on the first Thursday night of December. This year, it actually falls on St. Nicholas’ Eve. To do this, we need at least $600, probably $700. This is the one time we give money out to all of the guys. Last year was the first time it did not go well. I would hate to have it be said that we quit because of a few bad actors. It is a blessing and a true celebration of this great Saint. We have no money. If you would like to sponsor this year’s celebration, mail a check or make a donation via Paypal and designate it.

We have been asked to help with Tindley Temple’s Christmas Dinner for the Homeless once again and would love to be able to do this. It was such a blessing! We spent about $350 on socks and underwear for all who attended. Then we add them to the gift packs and helped prepare and serve the meal in their “soup kitchen” that has regularly served meals since the Great Depression. I put soup kitchen in quotes, because there was no soup served. They serve hearty meat, vegetables, and potatoes meals.

We do not serve on Thanksgiving. Lots of other groups go out just on Thanksgiving. Buses and vans will be criss-crossing the city picking up any who want a turkey dinner in a church basement or senior center. If you want to help serve on Thanksgiving or want to cook a turkey and deliver it, The Word In Action International Ministries is a worthy ministry that can use your help. If you go to help TWIA, bless them with a cash donation, as well. They live on practically nothing in order to serve the poor in Jesus’ Name. Their phone number is 215-517-5669

We also hope to deliver some turkeys and grocery gift cards to some families to help them celebrate the holiday with their extended families in their homes. Again, we can only do this if we get some donations.

We want to give away homemade Christmas cookies the day after Christmas, this year. So, if you are part of a cookie exchange, everyone make an extra dozen for TKJ. It’s a wonderful touch of home for the folks on the street. Thanks!