A Hindu family “saves Christmas”

Revs. Joses & Chantal St. Phard distribute toys to poor children in Jesus’ Name at a big party on Christmas Eve at their church in north Philadelphia. They were short of toys this year. Chantal had called and asked me if I had any. I told her we didn’t. At the time, we didn’t have any funds to buy any either. I told her if any showed up, I would bring them down. She said, “God will provide.” That was last week. On Sunday afternoon, I got a call from one of my wife’s former co-workers, a Hindu woman. She said that her son and daughter-in-law had purchased a bunch of toys to donate to Toys for Tots, but had missed the cut off for the pick up. She told them that Cranford would know where to go with them. I told her to bring them over. They brought over two huge bags of new toys on Monday. I brought them down to Chantal yesterday morning and “Christmas was saved” in the hearts and minds of about 20 little children, thanks to a Hindu family giving from the heart.

Remember that in the one picture that Jesus gave us of the Judgment, it never mentions a creed, or profession of faith, or named religion, or membership in any organization. The sheep were known by what they had done for the least of these. The other thing to notice is that everyone is surprised. The sheep are surprised because they were not doing it to earn heaven. They were just doing it, because it was right. The goats were surprised, because they were sure they had the right religion to get in.

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