Hillsdale Elementary “Win”s

quilt1Yesterday Gregory Swift chauffeured me down to Westchester to Hillsdale Elementary School to deliver some fabric and old blankets to a group of 29 third graders known as the “Win” group. It was an hour down there and about an hour and a half back (rush hour) in the TKJ-mobile. I can’t be trusted to drive that far since my strokes, and it was nice to have company. We met in the story pit in the library with the librarian and the teacher support person, Amy Thomas, who had contacted me. Mrs. Thomas had helped make Ugly Quilts when she worked at a different school in the Poconos in 1996. She contacted My Brother’s Keeper, which is the group she had worked with then and the inventors of this project, to see if they were still doing it and how would they be distributed. They referred her to us.

She asked me if I would speak to the children about what we do and a little about homelessness. I told Greg that I was a little nervous about it, because I usually scare children when I talk about such things. The teachers kept things under good control. I answered a few questions. By the time we were done, the students had invented another worthy project: making drawstring backpacks for us to give to the people. It was good to see such a group of bright young people, eager to help those in need.