What’s this strange feeling?

It is our 25th year as a ministry, and this is the first year I did not put out a Christmas newsletter for The King’s Jubilee. On Dec. 20, I actually started a draft of a blog entry entitled: The Economic Rationale for Dying Now. It just seemed according to all of the economic indicators, what I do was not valued, and the fact that I had worked was no longer valued according to the GOP Congress and the GOP state legislature and governor. I am not employable in a normal job, due to the pain in my spine. I have bad days and worse days. Social Security turned me down. Their callous policy is to routinely do that to everyone the first time and make them wait a year and a half. (just long enough for them to lose their homes) I still have a valid life insurance policy that would pay off the house, so according to pure economics, society was telling me my family was better off with me dead. On top of that, I have felt so much condemnation, rage and hate coming from priests. On one side, there are public service announcements to stand up to bullies; on the other, I am supposed to be quiet about a bully priest. Sorry, too many good priests have told me that Christianity accepts good psychology. I will not be silent.

On Christmas, the third woman to chide me, Charli Riggle, finally ordered me to start a GoFundMe campaign to save our house from foreclosure, starting the next day. I complied, not expecting much. I set the bar low. $15,000 was the bare minimum to meet back payments and maybe pay all the fines and fees. It wouldn’t really help us on a way forward. Our little almsgiving group had no way of raising that much among ourselves. Charli said, “Just do it, it’ll take less than an hour.”

I wrote it up and it took much less than an hour. She posted it in the Almsgiving Facebook group. Immediately donations started to come in. We were up to 1% in no time. It began to snowball. Then Charli asked me If she could get the press involved. I told her only if they were friendly. I have had bad experiences with the press. The Inquirer printed a great article in last Sunday’s paper with a follow up in Wednesday’s, with pictures. Gofundme, in turn, featured our story and emailed it out to supporters. We not only received donations. A very strange thing happened. We have been receiving Thank You notes with checks enclosed. I am going to say that again with emphasis.

We have been receiving Thank You notes with checks enclosed.

A complete stranger from Australia sent us $500 and a thank you. Complete strangers from Philadelphia have sent us $500 in Thank You notes! Some people have sent $10 in a Thank You note promising to pray for us. Project: HOME sent a beautiful card hand signed by Sr. Mary Scullion and the staff to accompany a donation. We have received encouragement, blessings and donations from all over the world, it seems.

So this is what it feels like to be appreciated. I am not used to this strange feeling. But I like it. I would like a chance to get used to this. Thank you all! GOD BLESS YOU!

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  1. Happy Anniversary to The King’s Jubilee! May Lord grant you many years. I’m so happy you got all that help, Cranford! Would like to visit your mission some day

  2. I am proud to be one of the many people who supported you and will be glad to make a monthly donation to support your work. You are inspirations.

  3. Thank you for updating us , I know the Lord is pleased with you and all those who have held hands in supporting you. Love thy neighbor Jesus said..I am so happy there is a remnant that still have hearts in the world. In these hard economic times we have to help one another or no one really wins. Thank you for sharing and caring, our love and prayers for a better than expected out come and 2014 . You deserve it!

  4. Cranford, I think you’ve figured it out. “Religion” isn’t the solution, when you have priests and others acting in a way that is not “of God.” But “faith” IS the answer, and you are a faithful man. Faith is something man can’t bastardize and ruin with man-made and unnecessary rules and conventions. Thank you for your faith, and for exercising your faith in such a wonderful way.

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