One Day Delay

Due to today’s snowicepalooza we are postponing this week’s trip to the city to serve until tomorrow night. Today it is just impossible to move, with blowing snow, then freezing rain laying down some ice, then back to several more inches of snow. This will be happening during the time that we would be serving in the park. We are doing our best to use all channels to get word to the street that we will not be there tonight. We don’t want anyone waiting out in the cold and wet. The City of Philadelphia has declared a state of emergency and a Code Blue. Hopefully, they are aggressively enforcing that and forcing the homeless into warm shelters and providing warm food and drink. We don’t want to lose any more friends frozen to death or run over in their sleep by snow plows, as in former years. Pray that they find everyone and everyone cooperates. It is not an easy task. Pray for the snow plow operators and emergency workers. Pray for the Outreach teams. Pray for the dialysis transport drivers and patients. Pray for the linemen and arborists. This will be a rough week.

Please pray.

Tomorrow will be just like a regular Thursday only on Friday. Any questions call me at 267-497-0268.

for The King’s Jubilee