Kitchen Jumpstart

When people move off the street into an apartment, it is not like when you moved out of your folks house into your first apartment after college, or when you got married. There are no shower gifts to help stock cupboards. Their are no parents’ homes to go home to, to raid for this or that, or to figure out what you might need, or to borrow  from, until you can afford one or some of this or that for yourself. There is not enough money in food stamps, especially after the GOP cuts, to set up a kitchen to cook from scratch, yet that would save money in the long run. This is why we call our program Kitchen Jumpstart. It gives a family a bit of a boost, just like when you use jumper cables to start a car on an ice cold day. Once the initial charge gets things running, the car may have just enough momentum to keep running on its own power. That is the hope.

This is a great way to participate in this ministry in a “bite- sized” way, as well as to incorporate remembering those less fortunate in your everyday life.  You can buy an item or two each week as you do your household shopping, or all at once, your choice. Remember to pray for those who will receive  the jumpstart and for the peace and safety of their home and yours as you are putting it together. Our first kit was put together by several families cooperating. Here are the contents:

1 large mixing bowl
32 oz. bottle of cooking oil
Package of wooden (3) spoons
Measuring cups
Measuring spoons
5 lb bag of unbleached flour
5 lb bag of granulated sugar
Baking soda
Baking powder
Dried basil
Dried oregano
Granulated garlic
Optional: Copy of a basic cookbook or cooking magazine

We ask that you put it all in a reusable grocery bag and call me to either drop it by or have someone pick it up. May God bless you.

This is a companion project to our Operation: Clean Start.

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