Making Green Tea & Cinnamon Capsules

Grinding Chinese Cinnamon for Capsules
Grinding Chinese Cinnamon for Capsules

Last evening I spent a couple of hours making a couple of hundred 500mg green tea capsules and a couple of hundred 500mg Chinese cinnamon capsules. They ended up costing me about 1-1/2 cents each. They are fresher and more potent than the ones in the bottles at CVS or Rite Aid that are usually priced at over 10 cents per capsule. The ginger and turmeric capsules which I make, actually cost less. I buy the Chinese cinnamon and vacuum packed, Japanese green tea at Assi Chinese Market in North Wales. We get the other spices from a store on an Amish farm in Lancaster County. I also make garlic capsules and coriander capsules. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. I am allergic to six classes of antibiotics , so I rely on garlic. For those on Medicaid who can’t get to a doctor quickly, this is a good alternative, as well. It is also just safer than the prescription ones, if it works. The coriander helps cleanse toxins out of the system. It helps some with blood sugar and a little with inflammation. You are probably thinking that this belongs on my personal blog about the adventures of a renaissance man. I assure you it has everything to do with the ministry.

There is an article on my personal blog on some of the benefits of ginger and turmeric. Both are powerful anti-inflammatories and are useful against arthritis. Ginger is useful in regulating blood sugar and helping the liver. It can reduce the need for Metformin, or, at least, mitigate its damaging side effects. Green tea, in capsule form, can help lower blood sugar rather quickly, by 50 to 75 points in a half hour. This can get someone out of trouble and spare an ER visit if one does something unwise. People with Medical Assistance can get a limited amount of medicines free. They cannot get natural herbal supplements on a prescription. Food Stamps do not pay for them either. They are less damaging to one’s system and end up preventing the need for expensive drugs and medical care. But corporations and vested interests wrote most  all of our health care and aid legislation. I use a lot of these spices and herbs in my cooking for the street, and as fresh as possible. The best way to get these is in your diet, so that you don’t need them as nutriceuticals. I am afraid that The King’s Jubilee is unusual in its approach to nutrition on the street. We keep hoping our approach catches on, but it’s like herding cats, as they say.

I got the capsule makers to save us money and improve the quality of what we as a family were using. I have not had to get Synvisc or cortisone injections in my knees for almost two years since I started taking two 550mg ginger and two 500mg turmeric capsules each day. (I have severe osteoarthritis and no cartilage there.) I haven’t had to take a Ketorolac pill since I found out that ginger can stop a migraine. I couldn’t help myself. I had to share this: the Golden Rule and all. There are a few of the men who have moved off of the street, who help us serve, whom we have gotten to know, whom we now provide with bottles of ginger and green tea and cinnamon, etc. It saves them pain, time off their jobs, trips to the ER, etc. It costs us a little money and some work and time. So much for saving on household expenses. It is so worth it to see their smiles!