TKJ 25th Anniversary Quiz

At the celebration, we are going to have a quiz during the appetizers and ice-breaker time. I’m publishing it now to give those who pay attention a running head start. It doesn’t seem fair, does it? That is one of life’s hard lessons: life just isn’t fair. Get used to it. I am pretty sure that all of the answers to these questions can be found on this blog. Some may take some calculating. Here goes.

  1. Who was the first person to donate to The King’s Jubilee?
  2. What does the official TKJ tour to Philadelphia sound like?
  3. What does TKJ MEBI stand for?
  4. What is a Victory Party?
  5. Who is Rosie the redhead?
  6. How many TKJ volunteers’ weddings did Cranford perform?
  7. What is the highest number of cities and towns TKJ had ministries operating in at any given time?
  8. What is a Power Pack?
  9. Who is Lois Erickson?
  10. What is the chief duty of the person riding shotgun in the TKJ-mobile?
  11. Who is Alex the Albanian?
  12. What is the most important piece of equipment to the person riding shotgun in the TKJ-mobile (especially if Cranford is driving)?
  13. What is the “minor peanut butter miracle”?
  14. Where is the Kingdom of God?

So, if you get to work on this ahead of the banquet, great! It’s really not intended so much as a competition as a learning experience. Have fun!

Hummus Open 2014 Report

The Garbanzo!
The Garbanzo!

It did not look promising on October 3, one day before the fifth annual Hummus Open was scheduled.  The skies were gray and rain was in the forecast for this Saturday 11 AM Tee time at Mainland Golf Course. Event director Jerome Burke tried to contact Kathy Orr  at CBS Eyewitness News for weather advice, but had no luck.  Fortunately, he was able to reach Glen “Hurricane” Schwartz at NBC who advised to push the start time back to 1:30 PM.  Moreover, the Hummus Open trophy, perhaps the most unusual trophy in all of sports, was missing in action.  Traditionally, the most valuable player from the winning foursome, takes the trophy for 1 year. This was not the case last year however and last year’s MVP Raja Kyriakos never took the trophy.  Once this was realized the day before the tournament, an  intensive search began to locate it.  The basement, barn, and attic of Cranford’s home was studied as were various rooms in the Burke house hoping against hope to find the prized possession. The office at St. Philip’s was contacted and Vera Acker looked in the most logical places and could not find the trophy.  Going ahead with the Hummus Open without the Garbanzo would be like playing  the Stanley Cup final without the Stanley Cup! Father Noah Bushelli was contacted on the morning of the event and retreived the trophy which was sitting on a book shelf above Father Boniface Black’s desk since last fall (approx. 10 feet from Vera’s desk, ahem) .  The trophy was polished up, the skies cleared and 16 golfers – 4 foursomes began the most successful Hummus Open ever.

The Pennridge “Green Jackets”, consisting of Dr. Peter Psomiadis, Mike Heveran , Lou Sudholz, and Craig Martin, hit first,  followed by the Harleysville Hurricances: Giacamo Zamperri, John Disacquino, Caleb Benner, and Pat Miller,  the Millennials: Nick Burke, Chris Richter, Tim Yacoo and Brian Godshall, with  the Royal Hibernians: Pat Burke, Jerome Burke, David  Kelly, and Raja Kyriokas (how did he get in there?) bringing up the rear.  Conditions were nearly perfect and all the participants enjoyed the fellowship and learned about the history of  The King’s Jubilee, at each Tee box,  by reading the inserts on the Hole Sponsors posters which were beautifully done.

hummusMVP2Individual prizes were given to Lou Sudholz (straightest drive- a sleeve of premium golf balls – as he was one of the few players who knew what to do with them ), Peter Psomiadis (closest to the pin – 9th hole) – a bottle of Ouzo bought at the State Store (He prefers the real stuff  that he smuggles through Kennedy Airport every 2 years from Greece), Lou Sudholz again for longest drive (He won a container of Karen Burke’s famous homemade Hummus – (not the knock-off stuff sold in Costco or Giant)  and Chris Richter – winner of the closest to the hole on the 17th hole – again a bottle of Ouzo. Nick Burke won the prize for the best putt of the day. The Hurricanes won competition go away carding  a 5 under par  65.  A fierce battle for second place  between the Pennridge squad  and the Millennials ensued with the experienced Pennridge team coming out on top.  The Hibernians were not far behind  and may have been in the thick of the competition  had they not missed so many short putts. The older Burke brother (Jerome) was overheard saying that his new putter from Golf Galaxy was working great until he took it home. Caleb Benner was voted the MVP of the winning team and was given the coveted  “beige jacket ” for his efforts. The awards ceremony was held  in the golf course parking lot .

On  a serious note, we are very grateful to all the participants and sponsors  of this year’s Hummus Open to help The King’s Jubilee  in caring for the homeless of Philadelphia. It was troubling to learn of financial hardship that The King’s Jubilee and Cranford and his family have been experiencing.  As a small business owner ( partner in a medical practice)- we’ve experienced months where our cash flow slows from factors beyond our control- weather forcing us to close the office, patients waiting on paying their  deductibles early in the year, every so often. It is inconvenient but no big deal even if the partners hold their own paycheck for a period or two. There is always a line of credit for us at our community bank . The King’s Jubilee, however, does not enjoy this same luxury and the process of making ends meet to serve the needy is a week to week , if not a day to day challenge. While it is wonderful that special events and one time donations help this ministry, it would healthier if there were a steady, more predictable stream of support. To this end, I invite you to  join my wife and I, and  consider making a monthly pledge to TKJ. It does not have to break the bank.  If enough people participate, and do what they can do, what a blessing it would be! If you have read this much,  thank you.

hummusopen18May God Bless you and your loved ones.

Tee Marker 4, Hummus Open 5

hummusopen4I received phone calls from all over the country when I started this. When I answered the phone, people would ask for my dad. They said they were expecting a much older man to get something like this into the prison. I told them I hoped to be some day. I explained it was quite the contrary. I was too young and naive to expect them to say no, so I asked. The male superintendent was too flabbergasted and the lady wardens were too thrilled with the idea that they all approved it at first sight.

It was a simple homemade, cloth, drawstring bag, filled with the items that the women would normally have to buy for themselves, deodorant, shower flip-flops, etc. and a New Testament and a note saying that the person who made the bag and purchase the things was praying for her and her family while she was putting it together. This project revolutionized the Women’s Detention Facility. We could now get down to business with our tutoring program. The guards gave one to every inmate to start and to every new inmate as they were admitted. Everyone was crying when they gave them out. The guards were crying when they thanked me the next time I went in there. They said the whole “temperature” of the place had come down by 20 degrees.

Tee Marker 1, Hummus Open 5

This year, Jerry took it up a notch with hole sponsors for the 5th Annual Hummus Open held last Saturday. I made simple 8″x10″ framed markers for each tee with a little info. about the ministry, since February was our 25th anniversary, then the name of the sponsor or honorary sponsor. I will be posting these, hopefully one per day here and on Facebook, some with comment, some without.