Tee Marker 4, Hummus Open 5

hummusopen4I received phone calls from all over the country when I started this. When I answered the phone, people would ask for my dad. They said they were expecting a much older man to get something like this into the prison. I told them I hoped to be some day. I explained it was quite the contrary. I was too young and naive to expect them to say no, so I asked. The male superintendent was too flabbergasted and the lady wardens were too thrilled with the idea that they all approved it at first sight.

It was a simple homemade, cloth, drawstring bag, filled with the items that the women would normally have to buy for themselves, deodorant, shower flip-flops, etc. and a New Testament and a note saying that the person who made the bag and purchase the things was praying for her and her family while she was putting it together. This project revolutionized the Women’s Detention Facility. We could now get down to business with our tutoring program. The guards gave one to every inmate to start and to every new inmate as they were admitted. Everyone was crying when they gave them out. The guards were crying when they thanked me the next time I went in there. They said the whole “temperature” of the place had come down by 20 degrees.