So Much Pain

I know I should be posting more often and being more positive. I also know I probably shouldn’t talk so much about myself. It seems so many people focus on me when they consider giving to The King’s Jubilee, which is really ridiculous, since I obviously haven’t benefited by doing this. We are in danger of foreclosure again, yet the ministry has been paying a helper’s rent. The priority is always on helping people get off and stay off of the street.

The truth of the matter is since June of 2012, I have had constant, severe pain in my lower spine. Because of my migraines and strokes, none of the doctors paid any attention to this. I thought they had looked at it and determined there was nothing to do about it, except pain control. Here they had never looked at that part of my spine. Now, I am a white man, living in the suburbs. I had good insurance at the time, yet still I ended up with this miserable oversight. Even with pain meds and a comfortable chair and bed and heated home, I have constant tears from pain. What if I were a homeless, black woman, without insurance going through this? I doubt I could have survived (or would have wanted to). I guess this is part of what keeps me going. Even at my lowest moments, I have so much more than those we serve.

This month marks the completion of the 26th year of service of The King’s Jubilee. We had always hoped to do so much more. We have spun off ministries that have gone on to be bigger and better than ours, so that is something. At this point, it is looking like it is time to either close TKJ or spin it off to younger leadership. We do not even have the resources for this week’s meal. The TKJ-mobile is two months out of inspection. I have no credit left. People don’t give because they don’t like me. So it is obvious I need to be the scapegoat and step aside or this ministry is dead. I did speak to a young lady about this a couple of years ago, but she recently was married and had a child, so I don’t know. She has the right stuff.  Please pray for us. Please give, knowing it goes to serve the homeless and poor. We serve with dignity, respect and joy, in other words, in Jesus’ Name.