It has been over a year since we have served a meal on the street. The open heart surgery and the infections put an end to that. I finally had to admit that I am too at risk to circulate in that population. I pushed and pushed and pushed, with very little support. Now I am done.

Thank you for the handful ( and that is a literal handful) of faithful supporters who have hung in with us to the bitter end. We have continued to help with emergency rent and grocery assistance to help a few people stay off of the street. Please find more viable agencies to support and channel your support there. I highly recommend Kork Moyer in Pottstown & Stowe. He was one of my disciples in the early years. He’s one of the few who understood and have stuck with it. I have canceled all automatic, recurring, PayPal donations, and will be closing that account.

We had a good run. It’s been fun!

Peace out!


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