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Serving the homeless is not a crime.The King’s Jubilee publishes a newsletter sporadically throughout the year. We used to say it was a monthly newsletter published quarterly, then it became a quarterly newsletter published semi-annually. Some years it was Christmas newsletter published in January. At any rate, it is an attempt, as is this website, to let people know how we are giving their money away; and to raise awareness to issues affecting the poor.

The name of the newsletter used to be TKJ Schematic. We have changed it just to The King’s Jubilee Report, because people didn’t really understand “schematic”. Why “Schematic“?

The name of our newsletter (as irregular as it is) used to be Schematic. Martin Luther King, Jr., said “I have a dream!” And that’s a wonderful thing if you are a charismatic, national leader of millions of people. But, on the local level, day to day, you’ve got to have a plan. So in January of 1989, Cranford Joseph Coulter wrote a paper called “I Have A Scheme.” It is a plan for a five pronged approach to tackling social and economic inequities in our region in the New Testament spirit of the Jubilee. So Schematic was just the name for the paper that reported on the progress and helps push it along.

The articles from past newsletters that were still in html are being uploaded to the blog as posts. Here you will find links to Reports in PDF for you to download and print.

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