A couple of weeks ago I was told by John Haggerty that I was member of COGs. Having been ordained several times without my consent, I am not easily disturbed by such an announcement. I asked what COGs stands for. He told me, “Consortium of Old Guys.” It’s basically the guys that hang out at his shop, who invent things, solve problems and make stuff. They work hard even if they are not getting paid. They are always learning and always teaching. They have each been beaten up by life lately, but refuse to accept the role of victims.They hope that they can develop some products that can sell and make some money. Before a single item has sold, they have agreed to dedicate a portion of their profits to The King’s Jubilee to “pay it forward” to help others.

Zebra wood liftgate handle
Zebra wood liftgate handle

These guys are truly experts. I walk into their conversations and, in most cases, I find that if I try to understand, I will only feel more stupid. So I ask stupid questions and play the part of the jester. One is a metal worker, one is a woodworker, one is a machinist, one is an engineer, woodworker, electrician, renaissance man, one is a computer geek / designer / facilitator. I am a shameless agitator. I felt like I still belonged, because I was willing to try anything and I haunt the shop and I am the oldest member of the group. Then they changed the name to Consortium of Odd Geeks to allow for a 20 year old with skills to join. I wasn’t sure I was qualified anymore. John assured me that since I made the zebra wood liftgate handle, that I was qualified.

The COGs also dovetails with our homelessness prevention ministry by helping to provide skills training, work readiness training and mentoring to men at risk.

We are finally moved in.

Notice that our domain name is now For a while now, you have been able to get here by using this address. Now it is the main address. will still get you here by referral. This change will make things simpler. Our name is the same as our website. While we were making this change, we discovered that the site had been hacked. A friendly tech at Bluehost fixed the damage done by the hack and we added some precautions against being hacked again.

So update your bookmark and spread the word.

The Donate Button is on the Right

I did the math, and over the last 23 years, The King’s Jubilee has served or provided about half a million meals to homeless people or to needy children or seniors on fixed incomes. We have distributed tons of clothing and blankets to families in need. We have moved dozens of houses full of furniture from those who needed to get rid of it to those who needed it but could not afford it. We have redistributed dozens of used computers to people who needed them to learn basic skills or school children in the inner city. We have purchased vehicles for other ministries who serve in Jesus’ Name, even once acquiring an electric golf cart to help a tutor get around Richard Allen Homes project with all her books and teaching tools.

We have done all this and more on a frayed shoestring, with no building other than my home and no salaried staff. I say all this to say we are tired and we need your help to do greater things in the next generation. Please dig deep and give generously.

Hard Drive Crash

When I say my hard drive crashed, I mean it literally. My foot caught the cord and the external drive slammed on the floor. I tried to save a file on it and it went “ding ding ding”. You never want to hear that sound from a hard drive.

This was the drive with all of the edited photos of the icons that I print for “Come and See” Icons, Books & Art. Well the 700 or so that I had stored digitally, that is. Don’t ask me if I had a backup of this drive. This isn’t a happy tale. I cried.

I sent the drive to a data recovery service. They could recover nothing. I was very blue the day they told me that. Lydia & Vincent decided to give me my Father’s Day gift early: a scotch broom plant. They also gave me a yellow daylily just to cheer me up. I planted them both that evening.

The next day I was finishing icons upstairs in the barn, still feeling pretty bad. Then my eye caught a glimpse of the yellow daylily bloom by the driveway. I started to laugh. O, me of little faith! “If God so clothes the lily of the field … .”

It’s still a setback. I have to re-edit and re-photograph a lot of icons, but we’ll get through it.
So if you have visited lately, now you know why there are lilies all over the site.