Point Man for December 9: Cranford Joseph Coulter

I’m feeling a little stronger each day. It is still with some trepidation that I make this announcement. My PICC line is scheduled to be removed on St. Nicholas Day. Barring any further complications or reactions, I should be fit to return to the street on December 9.

I will make the soup. I will need someone to come to my house by 6:15 to help load the TKJ-mobile, as I still will be on lifting restrictions. It would be great if that person could either drive or ride shotgun.

Please pray that all continues to go well.

Thank you.

Point Men Needed for December 2 & 9

We praise God for the wonderful response of people stepping up to take on additional responsibilities during my illness and recuperation. The first one to volunteer to be a point man was someone who had never before been to the street with us. That took some guts!

We still need to fill two more spots: December 2nd and December 9th.

The point man does not have to prepare all of the food. He or she needs to try to coordinate to make sure the food and volunteers are going to be there. Volunteers are to check this blog for contact information and the list of needs and coordinate with the point man for that night.

The basic list of what is needed for each night is:

  • 20 to 25 quarts of hearty soup (We have turkeys to use for this.)
  • a gross of hard-boiled eggs
  • a large kettle of pasta with tomato and meat sauce (We have pasta and tomato sauce)
  • 8 gallons of drink, either iced tea or hot chocolate (or some of each)
  • at least 300 hot/cold paper cups (We do not use styrofoam. We are just blocks from a river that leads directly to the ocean)
  • a large bottle of Franks’ Red Hot sauce
  • fruit, anything but apples. People don’t have good teeth. We can generally only give away one bag of apples.
  • 100s of sandwiches. These should be made the way you like them (only no mayonaisse or eggs) and packed in sandwich baggies, then stacked back into the bread loaf bags. Please write with heavy marker on the bag what kind of sandwiches they are.
  • Pastries or some kind of goodies
  • ladle
  • forks, spoons, napkins
  • music and Altoids for the trip

We have funds to pay for some of these things. It is a matter of people actually gathering them and getting them to 1801 Vine St. at 8pm on Thursday night.

The point man will be respected as the person in charge on site to provide for order and security while serving and to make sure the park is cleaned up before leaving.

On December 2nd, there is the added dimension of our observance of St. Nicholas Day on the street. We try to give each one we serve 3 one dollar coins in the Jesus’ Name to honor of St. Nicholas. This is great fun, and I will be so sorry to miss that this year. It is good if everyone on the team serving that night reviews the story of St. Nicholas, so they are prepared to share it with any who ask.

    November 11 – Point Man: Todd Moore

    Todd Moore is point man for Thursday, November 11.

    email: toddmoore@comcast.net
    phone: 215-453-0424
    cellphone: 267-373-8208

    The drink, soup, pasta with meat sauce, and cups have been taken care of for this night.

    Annunciation Church will bring peanuts, eggs, fruit and some sweets.

    A few folks have volunteered to meet at St. Philip church to ride into Philly to participate.

    There are opportunities for other things to drop off at church before the 7 PM departure (baked goods, sandwiches, etc).

    Contact Todd to let him know what you can do.

    November 4 – Point Man: Presvytera Joanna

    Presvytera Joanna Christofidis will be running point for Thursday, November 4.

    email: presvyjc@yahoo.com

    phone: 717-840-9170

    “You shall love your neighbor as yourself”

    Glory be to God!!!  Thank you to all who are helping and providing things!

    I’m all covered for Nov. 4th with:

    Drinks, soup, sandwiches, peanuts, eggs, fruit, sweets, spaghetti with meat sauce and what ever else the Good Lord might surprise us with.

    Still needed for November 4:

    • someone to deliver supplies, etc., from St. Philip, Souderton to 1801 Vine St. (taken care of)
    • 8 gallons of iced tea (taken care of)
    • individually wrapped sandwiches (taken care of)
    • men to help serve and provide crowd control (taken care of)